Week 4: Websites of the Day

Thursday, 20 September 2012, 19:17 | Category : Reflections
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For some a quote of the day or word of the day gets them off to a great start, what about a website of the day?  That is exactly what Larry Ferlazzo does.  His blog is called Websites of the Day.  This is the perfect blog for every teacher to follow to see a new blog post every day that contains a different website or resource to use.  This blog also contains a lot of useful resources for ELL teachers to use.

One blog post that I really liked was titled The Best Sites To See “Photos That Changed The World”.  This post gave multiple resources and links to other websites.  These websites have groups of photographs that truly are some of the best and most memorable photos.  I love pictures and I am a very visual person.  When teaching students history, some of these pictures could be used within the lesson plan to show them the impact that different events had on the people of the world.  A few of the websites given are 40 of the Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken, and the Most Famous Photographs of All Time.  This website contains famous photos such as Abbey Road, Migrant Mother, and Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.  While not all photographs may be suitable to use with all age levels of students in a classroom, these are good resources to look at when choosing photos to incorporate into lessons.

Websites of the Day is a great blog for educators who want a new blog post every day that contains valuable resources and websites that teachers can use within the classroom.  Start off your day right with Websites of the Day.

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